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Your continued use of this website indicates your agreement to the terms and conditions contained here.  If you do not agree, please disconnect immediately.

This website contains information believed to be accurate for the general benefit of those who visit the websites.  No guarantee is offered or warranted - information is provided on a best efforts basis.

Harcote Industries Limited does not warrant or guarantee the success of any particular user of speech recognition as it involves many variables including but not limited to computer hardware, user knowledge and initiative, training, support and software compatibility.  Please consult the manufacturers for details before purchasing.

*All sales purchased from Harcote are final. No testing or trials of equipment and/or software is permitted. All equipment and/or software is deemed Non-returnable.  If a product is technically defective in any manner, manufacturers warranty  guidelines will apply.

Harcote reserves the right to refuse or refund any order at its sole discretion.

All services provided by Harcote Industries Limited are offered on a "best efforts" basis.

Online orders for first-time customers are limited to US $500.  For larger orders, please contact sales@harcote.ca

All fraudulent acts or misrepresentations will prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in your jurisdiction.

Products sold through this website are subject to the terms and conditions in the Shipping page.  Please read the Shipping page prior to placing any order.  

Products may contain specific warranties or guarantees provided by the manufacturers.  Trademarks and service marks mentioned on this site are the property of their owners.

Any disputes arising from this website including all sales are agreed to be resolved in Ontario under the jurisdiction of the laws of Ontario and Canada.

Harcote Industries Limited welcomes comments and feedback.


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