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Canadian Executive Coaching - Executive Coaching for Canadian senior executives, managers, department heads, top sales people and leaders.  Serving a wide range of industry, government and not-for-profit with one on one coaching to improve performance, provide personal support and reflection.  Based on a whole-person model that recognizes our different skills, passions and abilities - Canadian Executive Coaching will help you reach your full potential as a leader and as a person. Member of the Fellowship of Executive Coaches. www.canadian-executive-coaching.com

Positive Influence - How to Lead Your World. New book reviews motivation, personal growth, communication, persuasion, personal skills and relationships to maximize your impact on your world personally and professionally.  No matter who you are or what you do - this book will help you make a difference in your world.  It combines many of the elements is the most popular seminars by Grant Fairley of Strategic Seminars and VIP Executive Coaching.  For more information, visit Silverwoods Publishing  www.silverwoods-publishing.com

The Collective Publishing Company Inc is a boutique blogging site that focuses on issues regarding politics, economy, and business in Southern Ontario.  They also focus on broader social or economic issues that are affecting all of us.  The site is not traditional news media and if you are looking for news reporting this is not the site for you.  This is a site that looks at the news and tries to put it to context with a variety of different points of view on the subject matter.  The site inspires to be  thought provoking, challenging and even a little quirky in its views. They are always looking for different bloggers.  If you want to try your hand at writing a piece on something that you are passionate about it, they may publish it for you.  You can look at the site and all of its’ post at www.thecollectivepc.com

Pain physician and seminar speaker Dr. Blair Lamb, MD - Understanding and treatment of pain conditions affecting people of all ages with special focus on fibromyalgia, migraines, arthritis, whiplash and more.  Extensive articles on different pain topics.  War On Pain video series explaining some of the most common pain conditions and how to treat them for best results.  Home of the Lamb method of using spinal BOTOX® to treat low back pain and many other chronic pain conditions. www.drlamb.com

Dr. Komer, MD World expert on bio-identical hormone replacement therapies.  Women's health physician with Information and encouragement on women's wellness featuring Be Menopositive! series on menopause and the latest on bio-identical hormone replacement therapies.  Special articles on breast cancer, fertility, PMS, anti-aging and more.  Email questions accepted and answered by Dr. Larry Komer, MD.  New women's health videos on DVD on Bio-identical Hormones, Menopause, Self-Esteem and more! Dr. Komer's practice serves patients from across the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario and Canada from his clinic in Burlington, Ontario. www.drkomer.com

Face To Face - Windsor Ontario cable program celebrating 12 seasons of interviews with Windsor's community, business and political leaders and personalities hosted by John Fairley.  Guests and topics from Windsor and Essex County Ontario. www.face-to-face-tv.com

Hal Sullivan Communications - Writing, editing, presenting or voicing your work - let the experience of Hal Sullivan Communications make your workload lighter.  Hal Sullivan Communications is also available to consulting on your communications strategy. www.hal-sullivan.com

Harcote Industries Limited - Online supplier of digital audio recorders and systems, cameras and other technologies to enhance productivity featuring Olympus and Plantronics products.  www.harcote.ca

Holiday Inn & Suites Ambassador Bridge Hotel Windsor, Ontario - Award winning, newly renovated Holiday Inn & Suites in Windsor with 214 rooms.  Ideal hotel accommodations in the Windsor, Ontario / Detroit, Michigan area for your next stay.  Indoor pool, conference and special events facilities located near the Windsor / Detroit Ambassador Bridge.  Great for the business traveler or for families visiting the area or passing through Windsor Ontario when you need a hotel to call home.  See our Kids eat free program!  Sports teams welcome.  www.his-windsor.com

Iasis Corporation - Canadian based internet healthcare services company with patented (Canada) prescription renewal and medical services transaction system.  Health videos and books. www.iasiscorporation.com

Masters Men's Clinic - Andropause - also known as male menopause - information and andropause clinic with understanding men's health and well-being at all stages of a man's life.  Special focus on men's andropause, male depression, stress management and fitness.  Now including medical executive health coaching and DVDs videos on DVD for men's health andropause and more.  Clinic director is Dr. Larry Komer, MD. www.mastersmensclinic.com

McK Consulting Inc. - IBM Business Partner for e-commerce, search engine optimization (SEO) web design, e-marketing & speech recognition products featuring IBM ViaVoice. Also part of the Strategic Seminars group offering seminars on motivation, relationships, sales skills, seminars on how to give great customer service, technology and more.  www.mckconsultinginc.com

Palantir Publishing - Publisher of books and DVDs on business, sales training, customer service, leadership, team building and the biography of television's beloved The Friendly Giant, Bob Homme www.palantir-publishing.com

Silverwoods Publishing - Books for business and lifeUpcoming releases include a books on cottage life in Muskoka, customer service, pain, fibromyalgia, leadership, team-building and sales training.  www.silverwoods-publishing.com

Spinal Solutions  - Do you have back pain? Revolutionary treatment program for persons with chronic lower back pain and disk herniation using US, Canadian, Australian and UK patented method of application of spinal BOTOX™ .  If you suffer from chronic low back pain, Spinal Solutions is your next call.  Alternative to traditional back surgery. www.spinalsolutions.ca

Strategic Seminars - Workshops and seminars for corporations and groups covering topics on Business, Health, Leadership, Motivation, Relationships, Team Building, seminars on how to give great Customer Service and more.  Flexible to help corporations and groups of all sizes and with different budgets.  Special focus on leadership and group development services for corporations. Seminars offered in the U.S. and Canada.  Contact us in Chicago or Toronto. www.strategic-seminars.com

Toronto Seminars - Workshops and seminars for corporations and groups covering topics on Business, Leadership, Motivation, Relationships, Sales Training, Team Building, seminars on how to give great Customer Service and more.  Flexible to help corporations and groups of all sizes and with different budgets.  Special focus on sales training seminars and team building seminars for corporations. Seminars offered in the Greater Toronto Area.  



WholeStudent.com is a leading provider of quality online tutoring services. We provide students with the private, professional tutoring in Math, Science or English – live on the web. We start by providing each student with their own “Private Coach” – a carefully selected certified teacher dedicated to building their academic performance. To find out more, visit WholeStudent.com, or call 1-877-254-4883.

VIP Executive Coaching For those executives who wish to have a whole person approach to executive coaching that will support and encourage executives and professionals to reach and maintain not only their best work but also their best life.  Ideal for executives, managers, senior sales executives, government officials and community or charitable group leaders. www.canadian-executive-coaching.com

York Downs Pharmacy  - Toronto based pharmacy with advanced compounding as well as other educational and health products and services shipping across Canada.  www.yorkdownsrx.com

York Downs Pro  - Compounding pharmacy website exclusively for professionals such as physicians, dentists, veterinarians, podiatrists to access pharmacy information. www.yorkdownspro.com

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